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Thank you for a great talk last night super pictures which are reward for all the effort you go to. Everyone I spoke too really enjoyed it too.

Best wishes for 2018

Frank Leavesley

Lake District in Autumn

Hi Robert,
Hope you are well. Have just seen your recent newsletter and would like to express an interest in booking a place on both the Lake District in Autumn tour in October 2018 and the Jurassic Coast tour in December 2018. I really enjoyed the Naturetrek Dartmoor tour with you last year, so am keen for some more fun.

Phil Piper

Marlborough Golf Club Charity Calendar

Robert, I am the Seniors Vice Captain at MGC and have now produced our charity golf calendar for 2018, which is mainly due to your help and permissions.
I am delighted with the finished copy which as you requested credits you and your business. I would like to give you a calendar to you can use and view your handiwork which will hopefully give you further business. I am on telephone 07801 356769 please ring when you are free.

Kind regards

Richard Willcocks


Good morning Robert,
This is my personal thanks for last night.
As an International judge and regular salon entrant I thought your landscapes were fantastic. Our styles of photography are like chalk and cheese, but you set me a first class benchmark to improve my landscape photography.
Living where we do in Carterton I always make the excuse that you it is very difficult to get good landscape on our doorstep - a rubbish statement really.

The last two morning around 8am the lighting was fantastic for about 5 minutes and I did not capture it on film.

I have put a new talk together and I would also be happy to judge at your club say in 2021ish!!!

Once again thanks for a great night.
Best Wishes
Colin Harrison
Colin Harrison

Oregon eclipse group

So nice to meet you last week! I thought you were just a nice British couple who were into eclipse photography...imagine my astonishment at your ultra-professional website! I blush to think of my "me too!" when Haim asked you for an eclipse photo. Can't wait to see (and probably buy) a redwood photo from your Avenue of the Giants tour. How lucky for me and the rest of our group that you couldn't find any other motels for the event!
Jeannie Hobbs

Lacock Abbey

Hi I recently purchased a print of Laycock Abbey from you. I'd just like to say thank you. Firstly for the speedy manner in which it was posted and secondly for you taking a beautiful print.

It's beautiful.

Thanks again. Lee
Lee Maxwell

Andover Photographic Society

Dear Robert

Many thanks for attending our Photographic Club last Thursday - I heard last night that everyone really enjoyed your lecture and one long standing member (who joined in 1968) told me it was the very best set of photographs he had ever seen at the club in all the time he has been a member!

In the new year I would like to contact you again and see if you have another lecture with different photographs that we could book you, for our new seasons programme?

I was very sorry to have missed you but it was great to hear everyone's comments last night.

With kind regards and best wishes for a happy Christmas and New Year.

Esther Gumn

Thank you from Hanham Photographic Society

On behalf of Hanham I would like to reiterate the appreciation shown by the club on the evening of your visit. Everyone enjoyed your landscapes immensely. People are still coming up to me weeks later to thank me for inviting you. I found your photographs of the Lake District especially interesting.
Les Ford

Talk at VECC, 8th Feb '16

Dear Robert,
Thanks very much for your talk last night at The Vale of Evesham Camera Club. Your stunning photographs were accompanied by some very useful advice about the best time of day and year for certain shots. I thought that you were very generous in the background information to your photos that would have helped everyone in the club to improve their work.
I would like to invite you back for next year to talk about your nighttime photography in more detail. I will be in touch in the near future to try to organise this.
Best regards
Tony Young

Jurassic from the air

I thought your pictures in this months Dorset life were fantastic, and wondered if you sell prints your pictures. My husband is a keen photographer and as we live on the Jurassic coast I would love buy some.
Thank you
Vicky Selby

AVs at Dorchester CC

Brilliant evening of AVs and how to tackle them at Dorchester this evening.. and especially for me as I have had the fortune visit all but one of the places you showed..Pantanal, only one missing, now on the list... if I had the necessary equipment for wildlife photography! The superb photography has made me want to go back and revisit my images and see how I can improve.. should I be lucky enough to get another chance to SW Canyons, Yellowstone or Galapagos.. but at least I can go to The Jurassic Coast, Cornwall and Stourhead..! Thank you for an inspiring evening.
Jane Tearle

Dartmoor weekend, October 2015

Robert, thanks for organising a lovely weekend on Dartmoor. Lots of fun (and mist) had by all 18 of us there. Because of your knowledge we all had an excellent time despite the weather not being of the kindest.
Many thanks
Derek Mason

'In The Desert' Talk 28 September 2015

On behalf of Salisbury Camera Club, I would like to thank you very much for the talk that you gave to the club last night. The photography was stunning, as were the locations to which you took us.
I’m sure that many of the trips to photograph dunes, mesas, arches, buttes and hoodoos in such remote locations at the ‘proper’ time of day was at considerable cost not to mention personal risk. I suspect it takes quite a bit of nerve as well as planning and scoping trips (in daylight) to walk to places like those in such rugged terrain, at night. If your wife is your sole companion and kit-carrying assistant, she must be extremely understanding!
You mentioned the odd shape of the hoodoo – the one time when I have had the opportunity to film these, I was told their shape derives from each one forming under a rock, due to the ‘vertical rainfall’ which results from the condensation showering down during the cold nights. You mentioned this in the case of at least one example. I think the name originates from some native language .
The picture of the Welwitschia at once put me in mind of what it must have been like in the middle of Pangaea about 200 million years ago – literally endless desert, when such plants were at the evolutionary pinnacle. I’d never really thought before about what a xerophytic gymnosperm might look like.
Thank you again – and I will do as the Chairman Peter Woodhouse suggested and put you down on the longlist for a return visit next year, if that is OK.
Best regards
Jeremy Court
Club Treasurer and Lecture Programme Secretary
Salisbury Camera Club
Jeremy Court

Dartmoor Landscape Photography Workshop, September 2015

As must have been obvious, I (and I think all the other members of our group) very much enjoyed our photographic safari to Dartmoor over the past few days. We are very grateful to you for your help and tuition, and for the enormous amount of effort and hard work which goes into organising such a trip.
In the world of photography – as in other disciplines – one never stops learning and therefore the opportunity to sample different techniques and approaches is invaluable. To do so in a remote, picturesque and little-known parts of beautiful Dartmoor made for an excellent experience. Given the rather dire predictions about bad weather towards the end of the week, we were particularly lucky to have made the most of our three days in the south-west – with the possible exception of the dawn sortie on Saturday morning when some of us remained in bed!
Quite apart from your guidance, I think the weekend had a valuable subsidiary function of consolidating friendship amongst a rather disparate group of colleagues who happen to share an interest (if not a passion or an obsession) in photography. But, independent of this, I appreciated the chance to get to know you better – as well as to learn from you about specialist aspects of photography "outside my comfort zone": I am grateful.
Hermon Dowling

Your visit to Kingswood PS, 10 July 2015

On behalf of us all at KPS may I thank you for coming to Bristol last Friday and for giving us such an interesting and enjoyable presentation. We were most impressed at the effort you put into getting your images, especially those that involve very early starts. The thought of leaving home early enough to travel to the Somerset lavender fields for the dawn light and then to be back home and in bed before your wife was awake was most impressive – I don’t think too many of us will be emulating you! We enjoyed seeing your images and listening to the commentary which went with them and especially the “tips” which went with the latter. Again many thanks Robert for a most enjoyable evening in your company.
Geoff Nash, Chairman, Kingswood PS
Geoff Nash

Lecture to Princes Risborough Photographic Society, 22 June 2015

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation last night. You treated us to superb and inspiring images backed up with a great commentary which was never ‘heavy’ but explained all we needed to know. Some of the sequences were fascinating, where you had gone back time and again to the same location to capture the image you knew you wanted. Such dedication and passion clearly pays off, as shown amply in your Associate Panel prints. All your pictures communicated great sensitivity to the atmosphere and mood of each place – I was particularly impressed by your amazing pictures of the storms, which in many cases must have taken some courage to achieve! Very positive feedback from club members came immediately and is continuing to do so. The presentation went down extremely well with the club.
Jill Pakenham

Landscape talk, 11 February 2015

Thank you for your recent visit to Keynsham Photographic Society. We enjoyed seeing your beautiful images of, mostly, the English landscape.We were guided throught the seasons; light conditions and the times of day. Your planned and thoughtful approach to acquiring this body of work was extended to the presentation which made the technical information you gave very easy to follow. A very enjoyable evening!
Linda Horne

Winning Print last night 25/11/2014

I didn't get chance to look closely at your fantastic winning print but I was amazed at the fact that it was taken under moonlight. It is a superb image and quite inspiring , I really must try night photography ... best regards Chris
Chris Wilkes-Ciudad

By the Sea, 11 September 2014

A truly fascinating talk with stunning images of our coastlines, holding Bracknell Camera Club enthralled all evening. Thank you and hope to see you again.
Jon Sawyer

From The Air Photos

Great to see you yesterday Robert, just checked your Wiltshire Life commissioned images - just two words to describe them buddy "absolutely stunning"! I'm really impressed, good compositions from the air and lighting too - they really show that good planning makes for great photography.

Nature Photography Talk

Hello Robert,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk at Calne Camera Club on Monday evening. Your images are beautiful :)

Pictures for sale

Hello Robert. I very much enjoyed your presentation last night at Highworth Camera Club, your pictures are stunning and inspirational. I am interested in purchasing, but the two that I particularly liked were the poppy field at sunset (or was it sunrise?!) taken from above, and the lavender field with the moon. Are these available to buy? I wad delighted to see the picture of Mount Kinabalu on your website - I spent a week there on a geography/biology A'level field trip many years ago - how I wish DSLR cameras had been invented then, such a beautiful place! I look forward to hearing from you.
Debbie Davies

Glastonbury tor image

Dear Robert
Searching for an image of the tor came across your wonderful photograph. Though we live in Warwickshire I hail from the Somerset levels indeed the shot may well be in the area where my father grazes highland cattle on behalf of the RSPB. I am keen to have this image printed onto a glass splash back as the finishing touch to our newly fitted kitchen. What would the cost be to use your image in this way?
Best wishes Sarah
Sarah Baxter

Presentation to Thatcham Camera Club

Following your presentation to our club last Wednesday, we would like to say a big “Thank You” to for coming to Thatcham and sharing your images with our members.
Personally, I was very disappointed to have missed your talk and the feedback from members has been exceptional with one member saying to me that yours were some of the best images seen at the club in the last four years that he has been a member.
A committee member wrote to me “Robert gave us a great presentation….
It was all about where to go, the best times of year, how to get the shot, what works, what does not work……
Feedback from members was excellent”.
Thanks again and very best regards
Paul Roberts

Clatford Sarsen stones

I thoroughly enjoyed your photographs and talk at last night's meeting of Marlborough Gardening Association.
Could you tell me where the Clatford stones that you showed are located please?
Thank you.
Jacqui Taylor


Flawless collection from India as per. When I get a place of my own and a reasonable income, I'll have to cover my walls with your photos.

Seven Sisters

We really like your picture of the Seven sisters landscape and would like to buy a copy on canvas, to have made up on a board in Norway. Is this possible?
Please let us know the format.
Kind regards Mrs and Mr Ellis
Sissel Greve Ellis

yate and sodbury photo club

hi robert
thanks for a great photo night with some stunning photos last night.
could you give the links for the sun direction card that you had and i think that you said there is a new one that works with google maps on line.
keith Meredith

Guestbook comment

Really enjoyed the Astrophotography (and much else !)

Your website

Robert, quite breathaking photography, as always. You have a unique ability to capture drama and emotion in a moment and then hold it for the world to see. Just stunning!
Angela James

Photo Rights

Would like to use your photo of Glastonbury Tor in the mist for a chapter head photo in my first digital book using Apple's iBook Author. The image would appear full bleed with the chapter's title and subtitle. Chapter title is "Labyrinths." Book is titled, "Geometry Through Time." Please let me know if this is possible, the cost, and the copyright line. Probably the book will appeal to academics but might have popular appeal. Distribution will be through Apples copyright protected digital distribution. Previously I have published printed books on geometrical designs. Thanks.
Roger Burrows

website gallery

Robert a truly beautiful gallery -
Paul And Gill
Paul and Gill Connor

Guestbook comment

A very professional website which sets out clearly your interests and the results of your work. Fantastic photographs that draw the viewer into thinking about the settings and subjects.
Rachel Fowler


Wow! Impressive. Well done. An excellent showcase. Thanks for your work this evening setting up the photo.
Dee La Vardera


Brilliant website, good design and easy to navigate. Mightily impressed with the photography. When did you become an ARPS? Certainly well deserved!
John Fisher

Great Site

Hey there. Truly nice site. Congrats. You've been busy...minor thing on the site is that the home page slideshow in Flash won't work with apple devices. Maybe you can ask your site design co if they can do a non-flash version somehow? Also you could make clicking the images link to the relevant pages? Great site. A


The insect shots are tremendous. Sounds like you had some trouble with the Darter?

A joy to visit

Congratulations, Robert, on such an impressive website and portfolio of talents. So beautifully designed and captioned.
Beautiful images too - but I knew that already, of course!

Worldwide Mammals

I am very impressed and I may have to ask for a print to take to Uni with me. Recognised a few.
How did you take the photos of the monkeys and cats, especially the one leopard?


Fab! great pics and info.